The Moosehead Beer Academy is the inspiration of Andrew and Patrick Oland, the sixth generation brothers behind Moosehead Breweries – Canada’s oldest independent brewery.

From a craft beer renaissance to an explosion of home brewing, people are diving deep into beer.

They felt it was time to share what is alive and well at Moosehead: a passion for beer. They envisioned a community where their employees, customers, and industry friends could share their knowledge, and together grow an understanding of beer.

And so the Moosehead Beer Academy was born.

It is a place for sharing authentic stories about the art and science of brewing and the traditions around beer enjoyment.

It is where we will share our legendary family history, and take a close look at our own beer-making processes.

It is also where we will introduce you to others who share our passion  – in breweries and kitchens around the world.

And we will use it as a platform to educate and dispel myths.

Whether you’re an experienced brewer or a beer newbie, you’re going to want to be a student.

After all, this is an MBA where beer drinking actually helps your grades.



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