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For those of you of a certain vintage, you’ll recognize that headline from the 1990 classic from LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out. That track is about how influential and important LL Cool J is, and was, to the hip-hop music scene in the 80s and 90s. So it was very logical that I thought of that song when I sat down to write about Moosehead Pale Ale.

If you’ve visited your local LC lately, you’ll have noticed the absolutely amazing new packaging for Moosehead Pale Ale. We talked a bit about it when we posted this story about Pale Ale mega-fan John Brown, but honestly, it needs a bit more of a story.

You see – Moosehead Pale Ale truly is the beer that built the brewery, the first brand to bear the Moosehead name. We’ve talked about it on the blog before, and you can read about that here.

So when you fast-forward to 2016 and see that Moosehead Pale Ale has undergone a packaging redesign, you might be tempted to think “Is Pale Ale attempting a comeback?” Um, no, because MPA never left!

How do I know that? Look no further than Moosehead Marketing Manager, Lauren McKelvey.

A long-time fan of the brew (well…she’s only 28 – so long time for her) she not only loves the taste, but also loves what the brand means to the brewery and its loyal fans.

I asked Lauren to take a moment to discuss Moosehead Pale Ale, what it means to Moosehead, and why she decided to change up the packaging.

Moosehead Beer Academy: So are you a fan of Moosehead Pale Ale yourself?

Lauren McKelvey: I’ve been a fan of Moosehead Pale Ale for years. I love it because it’s an original brand for Moosehead – it’s the beer that built the brewery! I feel like it represents strength, persistence and quality. It’s a great example of what Moosehead’s commitment to brewing great beer.

MBA: What made you want to update the packaging?

LM: Two reasons: The packaging hadn’t been updated in many years and it was looking a little dated. And also, the brand is so loved it deserved a fresh look.

MBA: What drew you to the retro look of this packaging?

LM: I’ve always loved the look of MPA’s packaging designs – they’ve always been so striking. I had such a hard time choosing the right throwback look – but the white label from the 1950s is such a standout, I wanted to take it back there.

MBA: It’s no secret that MPA has some really loyal fans. Have you heard any feedback on the redesign?

LM: We’ve heard so much positive feedback! That’s been really rewarding, actually. Customers love the new packaging and are also pretty happy that we’re showing their favourite beer some love. And what’s better, the new look has introduced the brand to people who’ve never tried it before, which is fantastic.



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  • Jim Richmond

    I love the throwback label. I hope to see Pale Ale marketed in the United States!