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Above: this photo from September 2016 was taken at the waterfront site of the proposed small-batch brewery.


Sad news, MBA-ers.

Our plans to build a new small-batch brewery on the waterfront in uptown Saint John have been shelved.

I know.

We are terribly disappointed, and we want to share with you what happened.

We researched and set a budget we felt was appropriate for a project of this scale – one that would achieve our goals of creating a high-quality customer experience in a working brewery.

Then we chose our location. It was a parcel of land on the waterfront – a perfect fit for a lot of reasons. Port Saint John, the City, and all our loyal customers and friends in the community celebrated along with us. We were very excited about the possibilities.

With site selection under our belts, we moved deeper into the planning phase of the project. We quickly began to get clarity on the overall project costs. The costs were more than anticipated, and although we tried everything we could, it became apparent that our scenario would push the project costs above acceptable levels.

We have been in this business a long time. We know the importance of setting budgets and working within them. That’s part of why we’ve been around for 150 years.

So we made the difficult decision to press the stop button.

Here’s what Andrew said about it.

“We are disappointed we are unable to proceed with this project. We hoped to create something special for our company and for the City of Saint John. People have been extremely supportive and we are sorry that we cannot meet everyone’s expectations. This decision was not taken lightly and we want to assure everyone we remain 100 per cent committed to Saint John and to our many friends and customers.”

Rest assured that the original vision – creating a place where we can brew small batches of beer, and build our relationship with our customers in a more personal way – is still alive. We’re going to take the next few months to re-group and start work on Plan B. We’ll be sure to keep you informed along the way.

On this disappointing day we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the positive: the outpouring of enthusiasm for this project from all corners of the city, from our internal team here at Moosehead, and from the folks at Port Saint John was exceptional. It was truly moving for us to feel that level of affection and support, and we want to thank everyone for their kindness.


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  • Shane Steeves

    Saddened to hear the cancellation of this project, although I completely understand when it comes to budgets. This certainly would of been fantastic for Uptown SJ and the Waterfront. Wishing you the best for plan B.


    Hammond River Brewing